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1) How do I log in to my EZLAVA account? Simply go to www.EZLAVA.com and click on the log in button located in the top right corner. A log in box will ask you for your user name and password. You will then be taken to the main control panel to choose which page you would like to edit/create.
2) Having trouble logging in? If you are having trouble logging into your account, first make sure that your user name is correct. Next, make sure that your caps lock is turned off (Our passwords are case sensitive for added security). Re-enter your user name & password. If you are still having trouble, please contact us & explain the difficulties you're having, and one of our staff will respond.
3) Can I transfer an already existing website? Yes. Existing websites can be transferred to our hosting server. However, only web pages originally created with the EZLAVA Website Builder can be opened / edited by the EZLAVA program. Your existing website would have to be updated manually. You could alternatively recreate each page of your existing website with the EZLAVA program to eliminate manual updating in the future.
4) Do you pay for referrals? Yes we pay for referrals. You can get all the details and sign up on our Referrals & Commissions page.
5) How do I use a discount code I received from a referral? When signing up for a new account, you will see a discount code box on the sign up page. Please enter the code you received there, and it will process the discount automatically.
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Template Guarantee
High Quality Web Design Templates
Template Guarantee - Our free, high quality, professionally designed website templates are ready to use on your new web pages.  Sign up for Standard Hosting or greater, and if you can't find a suitable template in stock, we'll modify an existing or create a new template more geared to your needs for only $50!
Web Design Packages
Hire our design team to setup a professional high quality website

We have a web design package perfect for your budget as well as the size and type of website you need. Packages include 5 pages, 10 pages, or 15 web pages all at group package pricing.  Contact us today to get us started on your new website.
Details apply!  Please see offer for more information.